Telenor Youth Forum, 2015 - Winner

In 2015 I applied for the Telenor Youth Forum with the idea of a student mentoring program called Study Buddy.

My application was successful and my concept has become one of the top 2 best application designs in Hungary.

As a result I was able to attend a one week conference in Oslo, Norway, where I had met Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, comedian Jay Leno, Kahoot founder Morten Versvik, I was able to attend the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and I have met some of the most talented people from around the World.

Google Marketing Camp, 2016 - Winner

Google Marketing Camp is an intensive summer program where young professionals can learn about Digital Marketing and implement the newly gained knowledge into a real life project.

In 2016 I worked in a team of 6 people and we created a digital marketing campaign for a small bakery in Transylvania. We combined online and offline marketing solutions to create a campaign that resulted in over the average click through and conversion rates for the business.

Our unique solutions proved to be succesfull and we eventually won the competition.


Prezilimpia, 2017 - Winner

 This is an anually held competition for all of the faculties of the University of Szeged, counting over 22’000 students.

It was my 2nd time participating because the previous year I was only runner up at the Faculty round and I didn’t make it to the final.

In 2017 I held a presentation about migration and innovation. According to the study that I researched immigrants are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Canada and the United States despite the stereotypes portrayed in shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons.

I came in 1st place this time and won the Choice of the Audience Award as well.

Ideas UPV, 2018- Runner up

During my year abroad in Valencia, Spain I participated at the University’s innovation challange called Ideas UPV.

We applied with a concept of an electric box that connects with your smartphone or smartwatch and shuts down all non essential electric devices once you leave the house.

With this device you could save up to 80 USD/year since your appliances are consuming electricity when they are plugged in and not turned on.

Scholarship winner to study in Valencia, Spain and Kyoto, Japan (2017, 2018)

Between 2017 September and 2019 February I had the privilege to study abroad with a fully funded scholarship called Campus Mundi, provided by Tempus Public Foundation.

It was an amazing opportunity for me both professionally and personally.
In Valencia I studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Some of my professors were government officials, entrepreneurs and professionals that could provide us with best in class knowledge of their expertise.

In Japan I attended Kyoto Sangyo University and here I gained a lot more on a personal level. I’ve met very talented students, but most importantly great friends that I still keep in touch with.

These 1.5 years contributed greatly to my point of view on the World around me and realised that in Valencia and Kyoto as well there are many challanges that people face

Bench design competition, 2019 - Winner

In 2019 the Institute of Hispanic Studies held a Design Competition calling for applicants to create a bench in the style of Antoni Gaudí, the famous Spanish architect.

I applied with a design that resembles elements of the beautiful Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

My design came in first place but unfortunately was never built.

Marketing Calendar Competition, 2021 - Winner

In my current workplace, Unilever, there’s a project dedicated to Ice Cream home delivery, called Ice Cream Now.
Ice Cream now is one of the most innovative projects within the company dedicated to home delivery through delivery platforms like FoodPanda or DoorDash.


Each Quarter the global marketing teams is announcing a competition, and in Q2 2021 the Hungarian Ice Cream Now team was the winner with the best marketing calendar for the summer season.

I cannot discluse many details but we were able to land some top level marketing collaboration with brands like HBO Go. We run best in class marketing campaigns and achieved the best results in Europe.